a als in a sentence

"a als" in Chinese  
  1. What do they need to do to repeat as AL West champions?
  2. The producers originally wanted to cast comedian Sam Kinison as Al Bundy.
  3. Also known as Al-Jihad _ holy war _ or the Egyptian Jihad.
  4. A smaller group has been identified ( apparently involuntarily ) as al-Qaida,
  5. Bill Bradley leaves the race thinking of himself as Al Gore's better.
  6. It's difficult to find a als in a sentence.
  7. The CIA strike also killed four other men described as al-Qaida operatives.
  8. Known then as Al Babartsky, Bart shortened his name a decade later.
  9. Thing is, the Kid is just as big a loser as Al.
  10. But in their oratory, they sounded as Democratic as Al Gore.
  11. Moffitt said shortly after being hired last fall as Al-Arian's attorney.
  12. Jackson provided drama and obvious color, just as Al Sharpton does.
  13. The loss mathematically eliminated Seattle from repeating as AL West champions.
  14. A shrine for a local sage known as al-Shaykh Muhammad remains.
  15. Plaza corner near Police Station traditional cook delicious tacos known as Al pastor.
  16. As Al Groh so accurately noted, a broken leg is a broken leg.
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