a allen in a sentence

  1. Police identified the gunman Tuesday evening as Allen Griffin, 21.
  2. Francamente, a Allen no le haria mal otro exito filmico.
  3. He is not as patient as Allen waiting for things to develop.
  4. Other Cowboys played hurt, but probably not as hurt as Allen.
  5. The alien becomes known as Allen and is befriended by two kids.
  6. It's difficult to find a allen in a sentence.
  7. Shandling's minimalist slapstick is as funny as Allen's.
  8. He thinks of himself as Allen Iverson, which is marketable now.
  9. Shut up, Abdenour ! " as Allen shot the violation.
  10. Now he must adjust, as Allen Iverson and Vince Carter have done.
  11. Attal shows off his beloved Paris as lovingly as Allen does New York.
  12. As Allen is climbing, Joshua breaks the ladder.
  13. The completed section is known today as Allen Road.
  14. It stars Todd Waring as Allen Bauer and Amy Yasbeck as Madison Bauer.
  15. Cowell lauded it as Allen's " best performance so far ."
  16. In the 1980s, Hatoff started his tenure as Allen Brothers'leader.
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