a agent in a sentence

  1. As agents stormed out of two cattle trailers, gunfire erupted.
  2. Bumping aggravates gate pileups and delays as agents sort things out.
  3. Taylor Made Sales Agency sold the colt as agent for Norfields.
  4. It was Roger Moore's first appearance as Agent 007.
  5. Taylor Made Sales Agency, as agent, sold the filly.
  6. It's difficult to find a agent in a sentence.
  7. Higher-level interactions such as agents to support knowledge sharing.
  8. Conrad fights his way through the Morphs as agents get killed.
  9. He and Quint start fighting just as Agent Johnson shows up.
  10. Soon afterwards, he appeared as Agent Freedman in an Lost.
  11. Del successfully identified Chuck as Agent Carmichael and located the facility.
  12. The position is also referred to by some agencies as Agent.
  13. In addition to this senior militia role he was a Agent.
  14. Wardell last appeared on Broadway as Agent Johnny Dollar in"
  15. In April 2014, Billy Slaughter was cast as Agent Murphy.
  16. In effect, the RCMP acted as agents for the Romanian governmnet.
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