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  1. Sept . 28, 1993 : Stephen Higgins resigns as AFT director.
  2. He left the CTU in 1943 to serve as AFT president.
  3. After his election as AFT president, McElroy served on the AFL-CIO's Executive Committee as well.
  4. Its base would still feature a aft section for compatibility with Zeni't pad and support infrastructure.
  5. The destroyer was damaged after an VPAF MiG-17 dropped a bomb, destroying a aft gun mount.
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  7. On the 14 Tonner, the side-tanks on each side were in two parts and reached as far forward as aft of the steam dome.
  8. One United States design for a flight deck cruiser from 1930, was described as " a light cruiser forwards [ and ] one half of a aft ".
  9. He focused his tenure as AFT president on broad trade union issues, building the union's influence within the AFL-CIO, strengthening the AFT's state federations and middle-and small-size locals.
  10. The main helm station, also known as the triple helm, is connected via mechanical shaft linkage to the steering gear located in the " captain's coffin " on the fantail along with the emergency, or " trick " wheel ( also referred to as aft steering ).
  11. Rejecting the American Nurses Association as too management-dominated and the National Union of Hospital and Health Care Employees / RWDSU as too militant, the union voted in 1980 to affiliate with the AFT and its health care division, the Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals ( FNHP; now known as AFT Healthcare ).

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