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  1. They are known as aero screens because they only deflect the wind.
  2. It also includes trainers such as Aero L-39 Albatros and Cessna 182 turbos.
  3. D . L . R . was reorganized as Aero Lloyd AG in 1923.
  4. The "'Lorraine 14A Antar鑣 "'was a aero engine built and used in the 1930s.
  5. After this manifestation, she becomes known as Aero.
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  7. The "'de Havilland Gipsy Six "'is a aero engines that were still in common use until the 1980s.
  8. Such opposing cases govern the operation of practical combustion devices such as SI engines as well as aero-engine afterburners.
  9. As Aero's sole proprietor, he is too busy to linger over a meal prepared by the pastry chef poached from Chanterelle.
  10. In the mid 1920s to 1932 Lazar Khidekel also created a series of futuristic projects such as Aero-City, Garden-City, and City Over Water.
  11. Original knit cuffing typically matched the leather or came close, but exceptions exist, such as Aero Leather's eye-catching rust-red cuffing on seal brown hide.
  12. As Aero Clubs were exempt from the licensing act due to the charter license loophole, they could operate as many charter flights as they liked.
  13. Besides typical general aviation use, the airport also hosts a major aviation industrial facility formerly known as Aero Corporation, since acquired by TIMCO Aviation Services.
  14. After the war, the civil aviation industry began to take shape as aero clubs became active from the late 1920s and Trans-Tasman flights were attempted.
  15. This class of weapons uses a shape known as Aero 1A, designed by Ed Heinemann of Douglas Aircraft as the result of studies in 1946.
  16. A vertical toolbar known as Aero Glass theme with a flatter and solid-colored design, the desktop interface on Windows 8 is similar to that of Windows 7.
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