a advanced in a sentence

"a advanced" in Chinese  
  1. In 2010, Matt pitched for the Class A Advanced Charlotte Stone Crabs.
  2. Students in the department participate in community skywarn programs as advance spotters.
  3. In the centre, the attackers had to dig in after a advance.
  4. Storms are common in March as advancing warmth tangles with cold air.
  5. A advanced into Lithuania, it actively recruited local nationalists and antisemitic groups.
  6. It's difficult to find a advanced in a sentence.
  7. Nicklaus admitted he wasn't as advanced as Woods when he was 21.
  8. But would unionization, as advanced by the AMA, be good for patients?
  9. Manning's physical skills weren't as advanced, but Snow saw plenty that he liked.
  10. But they aren't as advanced in Spanish as I was at their ages,"
  11. It was designated as Advanced Landing Ground " Y-16 Salon ".
  12. RNs may also pursue different roles as advanced practice registered nurses.
  13. Known as Advanced Landing Ground " d閜artement along with the advancing Allied armies.
  14. The school has a multitude of college course offerings such as Advanced Placement.
  15. There was no education in any other ghetto as advanced as in A骴z.
  16. It was designated as Advanced Landing Ground " R-11 Eschwege ".
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