53 arietis in a sentence

  1. 53 Arietis is a Beta Cephei variable.
  2. It is similar to 53 Arietis and Mu Columbae, other runaway stars from the Orion cluster.
  3. Its absolute magnitude is  " 0.2 . 53 Arietis is a runaway star of magnitude 6.09, 815 light-years away.
  4. This collision, which also is credited with ejecting Mu Columbae and possibly 53 Arietis, has been traced to the Trapezium cluster in the Orion Nebula two million years ago.
  5. "' 53 Arietis "'( abbreviated "'53 Ari "') is a variable star in the northern constellation of mas, the estimated distance to this star is roughly.
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  7. It is believed that runaway stars may be caused by supernovae, and there is strong evidence that OB stars ? Columbae, AE Aurigae and 53 Arietis all originated from such explosions in Ori OB1 2.2, 2.7 and 4.9 million years ago.
  8. It is thought to have originated in a supernova explosion about 2 million years ago, which may have also created several known runaway stars, including AE Aurigae, Mu Columbae and 53 Arietis, which are believed to have been part of a multiple star system in which one component exploded as a supernova.
  9. One example of a related set of runaway stars is the case of AE Aurigae, 53 Arietis and Mu Columbae, all of which are moving away from each other at velocities of over 100 km / s ( for comparison, the Sun moves through the Milky Way at about 20 km / s faster than the local average ).

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