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  1. For her part, Debra Nails asserts that the philosopher was born in 424 / 423 BC.
  2. Xerxes succeeded his father, but was murdered not much later ( 423 BC ) by his half-brother Sogdianus.
  3. The burning of the temple, in the summer of 423 BC, is mentioned in book 4 of the same work.
  4. Later in the war, in the winter of 424 BC / 423 BC, the Spartan general Brasidas captured Amphipolis with his Thracian allies.
  5. In 423 BC, Menostanes'domains passed to " Artahaar ", who has been identified with Artoxares, a supporter of Darius II.
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  7. Artaxerxes I died in 423 BC and was succeeded by his son Xerxes II, who, 55 days later, was murdered by his half-brother Sogdianus, Menostanes and the eunuch Pharnacyas.
  8. The "'Battle of Lyncestis / Lynkestis / Lyncus "'took place in 423 BC between the allied forces of the Lyncestians and Illyrians against those of the Spartans and Macedonians.
  9. Pyrilampes appears to have married his first wife in the late 440s; Around 423 BC, Pyrilampes had been widowed and so was free to marry his niece, Perictione, Plato's mother.
  10. He was one of the Athenian commanders in the successful expedition against Nicostratus, he ratified, on the part of Athens, the truce which in 423 BC was concluded for one year with Sparta.
  11. At first Sparta avoided involvement in Macedon's war with Arrhabaeus, but in 423 BC they joined an expedition which ended with retreat by the Macedonians and a brilliantly contrived escape of the Spartans.
  12. The port infrastructures appear to have been disconnected from the rest of the city : Several decrees ( notably in 430 and 423 BC ) provide us with information on the matter ( Queyrel, 2003 ).
  13. The first was Xerxes II, who was reportedly his only legitimate son by Darius II can be dated to January 10, 423 BC . He seems to have been recognized by Medes, Babylonia and Egypt.
  14. Its moment of historical importance came during the Peloponnesian War, when just after the truce between Sparta and Athens in early 423 BC, Scione revolted against Athens and was encouraged by the Spartan general Brasidas with promises of support.
  15. Further, he suggests that Theopompus was actually referring to a treaty that had allegedly been negotiated with Persia in 423 BC . On the other hand, if there was indeed some kind of accommodation, Thucydides's failure to mention it is odd.
  16. Years earlier, in the play " The Clouds " ( 423 BC ), Aristophanes lampooned Socrates as a charlatan; as the paradigm philosopher of atheist and sophistry  carefully arranged arguments constructed of ornate words and phrases  misrepresented as wisdom.
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