117 film in a sentence

  1. She appeared in 117 films between 1914 and 1941.
  2. He appeared in 117 films between 1915 and 1944.
  3. Kael reviews 117 films in this eighth collection.
  4. It was the third OSS 117 film directed by Andr?Hunebelle and produced by Paul Cad閍c.
  5. At the same time as his OSS 117 films, Hunebelle and Marais made a trilogy of Fant鬽as films.
  6. It's difficult to find 117 film in a sentence.
  7. Anjuman-Sultan Rahi era was at its peak, they appeared in a record number of 117 films together.
  8. This year, 117 film schools submitted entries, which were voted on by 107 of the world s major film and television schools from 57 countries.
  9. The film was voted one of the twelve greatest films of all time by a group of 117 film historians at the 1958 Time Out " magazine.
  10. It was the second OSS 117 film directed by Andr?Hunebelle and produced by Paul Cad閍c, the first in the series in colour, the first co-produced by the Italian company Da . Ma.
  11. It was the fourth OSS 117 film of the 1960s, directed by Michel Boisrond, presented by the director of the three previous 1960's OSS films, Andr?Hunebelle and produced by Paul Cad閍c.
  12. The series recalls " OSS 117 : Cairo, Nest of Spies " in style and tone, although it is slightly more serious ( writer also helped write the OSS 117 films, and " " ).
  13. Carrying on with not only period pieces such as Hunebelle's " Fant鬽as " series, Claude became the stunt arranger to Andr?Hunebelle's OSS 117 film series in a manner similar to Moonraker " was produced in France and Brazil, Claude provided and arranged many of the stunts for the film.
  14. The result is an 11-day festival of 117 films that seem curiously less commercial than in recent years even as crowds from New York and Los Angeles pile into this snow-drenched town for the parties and the deal making . ( The William Morris Agency alone has 18 agents moving in and out of Sundance .)

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