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  1. The Jewish community of Alexandria was " extinguished " by Trajan's army during the Jewish revolt of 115 117 CE.
  2. David W . Suter suggests that there is a tendency to date the Book of Parables to between 50 BCE and 117 CE.
  3. Relevant dates include 117 CE, when the Empire was at its greatest territorial extent, and the accession of Diocletian in 284.
  4. His brother Marcus Erucius Clarus was suffect consul in 117 CE and conquered and burned the city of Seleucia during Trajan s eastern campaign.
  5. The plaited hairstyle of this elite woman makes it possible to date this painting to the reign of Trajan ( 98-117 CE ).
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  7. The revolts in and suppression of diaspora communities in Egypt, Libya and Crete in 115 117 CE had a severe impact on the Jewish Diaspora population.
  8. The ditch was filled before any secondary silt formed and the filling contained a Trajanic coin dated 98 117 CE and pottery suggesting a Hadrianic or early Antonine date.
  9. During the Kitos War, 115-117 CE, the Roman army laid siege to Lod, where the rebel Jews had gathered under the leadership of Julian and Pappos.
  10. Roberts found comparator hands in dated papyrus documents between the late 1st and mid 2nd centuries, with the largest concentration of Hadrianic date ( 117 CE to 138 CE ).
  11. Wigs allowed women to better achieve the kind of'tall'styles that particularly punctuated the Flavian and Trajanic eras ( e . g . the periods of 69 96 and 98 117 CE ).
  12. Some historians also refer to it as the "'Second Revolt of Judea "', not counting the Kitos War ( 115 117 CE ), which had only marginally been fought in Judea.
  13. Roman history relates the visit of ambassadors from the Indian kings to the court of Trajan ( 98 117 CE ), bearing presents and letters in Greek, which were sent either by Vima Kadphises or his son Kanishka.
  14. These efforts were suppressed by Trajan ( 115 117 CE ), and under the Emperor Hadrian the same fate befell the attempt of the Jews of Israel in a new uprising to regain their independence ( 133 135 CE ).
  15. Hence, some sources use the term Jewish-Roman Wars to refer only to the First Jewish Roman War ( 66 73 CE ) and the Bar Kokhba revolt ( 132 135 CE ), while others include the Kitos War ( 115 117 CE ) as one of the Jewish Roman wars.
  16. Establishing the Berlin Iliad P . Berol 6845 as a comparator was key to Roberts proposing an early 2nd century date as plausible for \ mathfrak { P } 52; as the Berlin papyrus had been dated to the end of the first century by Wilhelm Schubart, in a landmark papyrological study which demonstrated the close similarity of its hand to that of P . Fayum 110, a personal letter, but written by a professional scribe in a " literary type " hand and with an explicit date of 94 CE . In proposing a date of around the middle of the second century for P . Egerton 2, Skeat and Bell had also relied on comparison with P . Fayum 110; together with Abb 34 ( now known as B . G . U . 1.22 and dated ca . 110-117 CE ), a letter in a documentary hand of the time of Trajan; and P . Lond . 1.130, a horoscope of late first or early second century date.

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