116th street in a sentence

  1. Lebow said the 116th Street Station will also get a facelift.
  2. This includes the current 116th Street Crew of the Genovese family.
  3. Lutie moves into a small apartment on 116th Street in Harlem.
  4. The 116th Street station is the main station for Columbia.
  5. The family lives in a big Columbia faculty apartment on 116th Street.
  6. It's difficult to find 116th street in a sentence.
  7. COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, entrances at Broadway or Amsterdam Avenue at 116th Street.
  8. But in its own way 116th Street has been coming on strong.
  9. Or maybe getting some African fabric from the shops on 116th Street.
  10. It moved to the York Theatre at 116th Street near Lenox Avenue.
  11. Both are located at 116th Street and I-69 in Fishers.
  12. West 116th Street between Lenox and 8th Avenue became a vice district.
  13. The trip to Columbia University at 116th Street takes an hour at least.
  14. It is located at the intersection of Amsterdam Avenue and West 116th Street.
  15. The apartments are located in 75 East 116th Street.
  16. It is visible from the gates of Columbia University at Broadway and 116th Street.
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