材料组合 in a sentence

  1. The combinations of materials that can cause interferences in the determination of a particular element are numerous .
  2. Pu material composition , marketing , on - site spraying foam construction
  3. Unique material combination siple color matching up , smooth , bright line and side coheren , shows all the ingeniousidea and endless modern beauty
  4. The stress intensity factors of a ring - shaped interface crack subjected to tension loading are shown in tables and graphics with variations of material combinations and crack dimensions
  5. Rc is a composite material with rebar and concrete that have different physical mechanics characters , and its constitutive relationship is relatively complex
  6. 材料组合造句挺难的,這是一个万能造句的方法
  7. The other is to combine with different material , in this way the key of design is to elect material with matching birefringent dispersion and similar physico - chemical nature
  8. Wood doors and windows , steel doors and windows , aluminum alloy doors and windows , plastic doors and windows , frame glass screen wall , other doors and windows made of durable material , etc
  9. The results indicate that the influences of the inclusion position and the material of inclusion to the stress intensity factor k are remarkable , and these influences vary notably with different material combinations
  10. There are two methods to obtain composite achromatic wave - plate . one is to combine with identical material , in this case we select the thickness of each plate and determine the angle of their optic axes
  11. With the aid of the obtained fundamental solutions and the continuity conditions of stress and displacement on material interface , complex potentials solutions for an bi - material infinite plate with an elliptical inclusion under pulling stress are given
  12. Composite is one kind of multiphase material which consists of the consecutive matrix a , nd the reinforcement phase . large quantity of consecutive distributing - phase is called matrix - phase and the oblique distributing - phase is called dispersed - phase
  13. Construction control of steel - concrete heterogeneous material composite structures aims at ensuring all segments under construction to approach corresponding construction segmental reasonable states in both configuration and mechanics state " and good behavior of the structure after completion , escaping from all kinds of accidents in whole process of construction with high efficiency , safety , excellent quality of engineering achieved
  14. First , to solve the present difficulties in steel - concrete engineering structural analysis and construction supervision and control , steel - concrete coordinating relations for two kinds of heterogeneous material composite members , prestressing cables and concrete , steel tubes and concrete , are studied and deduced by proposing the concepts of both composite members of heterogeneous materials and steel - concrete coordinating relations
  15. The combination absorbs microwave well with the least reflectivity of - 31 . 59db , and minimally having 2 . 31ghz - frequency band . these results illuminated the directional law of combined materials , it is that , when the double deck with the different thickness , no matter what is absorbing or transforming layers , its absorbing performance would not be influenced on the whole . when the double deck with the same thickness , the combining sequence of materials would cause crucial influence on its absorbing performance
    在8 . 2 12 . 4ghz频段内,最小反射率达- 45 . 93db ,有效频宽为4 . 0ghz ;当变换层和吸收层厚度相同,总厚度为2mm时,要获得较好的吸波性能,必须以高温处理的材料作变换层,低温处理的材料作吸收层,即存在材料组合的方向性,其中以1000分别与600 、 700处理的材料组合性能最佳,其最小反射率为- 31 . 59db ,有效频宽最小为2 . 31ghz 。
  16. The second section , firstly , we represent the retardation theory of single plate , discuss the shortcomings of it associated with mica wave - plate and quartz wave - plate . at the same time we make detailed theoretical deduce on two or three identical material composite wave - plate using theory of composite plate and jones matrix . finally we have a memo introduce about composite theory of varied material
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