形板 in a sentence

  1. The shuttle plate and parts in this area at the front of the machine should be well dried and a little oil applied to prevent any rust .
  2. Feedback - decoupling for a combined shape and gauge control system in hot strip rolling
  3. Cfd techniques for the design of plate - fin heat exchangers with plain fins and serrated fins
  4. For installations on lapped - type siding , a siding wedge is supplied to give a finished look
  5. Dtu 40 - 45 . building works . roof covering made of copper sheet and long sheet . part 1 : technical specifications
    Dtu 40 - 45 .建筑工程.铜板和长形板制屋顶覆盖物.第1部分:技术规范
  6. 形板造句挺难的,這是一个万能造句的方法
  7. Dtu 40 . 45 - building works - private contracts . roof covering made of copper sheet and long sheet - part 2 : special clauses
    Dtu 40 . 45建筑工程.专门合同.铜板和长形板制屋顶覆盖物.第1部分:特殊条款
  8. Profiled sheeting made of coated or non - coated steel sheet and panels . bending tests under linear loads and or under concentrated loads
  9. The mud flap assembly according to claim 1 wherein said mud flap defines an elongated recess accommodating said elongated support member
  10. The product series include low - side right angle panel , high - side right angle panel , c type bar button , h type bar button , c type rectangular bar button , 84r bar button the carriers and suspended pieces are the same as spray finishing series and roller series
    产品分矮边直角形板,高边直角方形板c型条扣h型条扣, c型直角条扣84r条扣骨吊件部分与喷涂,滚涂系列通用。
  11. The contents of the thesis are summarized as follows : 1 . by using curved - fitting method , calculation of local angular deflection of canvas plate is studied , with the help of cubic spine function , canvas plate is formed and then its local angular deflection is worked out . 2
    本文所做的工作概括如下: 1 、运用曲面拟合方法研究帆形板局部角变形的计算方法,通过三次样条函数建立船体帆形外板,然后计算得出帆形板的局部角变形。
  12. Abstract : in this paper , the stress field in a concave plank being upset is resolved by analytic mathematical method of plastic mechanics , the relation between the geometric parameter ( dimension ratio , concave shape ) and friction shearing stress is determined for upsetting a plank free of tension stress
  13. 3 . in applications , the structure of stabilizing piles with pre - stressed anchor cables can be associated with retaining wall , combined bolting and shotcrete , precast concrete lagging ( plain , troughlike , archlike shapes ) , and so on , which enlarge the application areas of this structure
    3 、在实际应用中,预应力锚索抗滑桩可与砌石挡墙、喷锚支护、预制挡板(平板、槽形板、拱形板等)联合作用,形成多种形式的组合结构,从而可扩大这种结构型式的应用范围。
  14. The hydro - chemical damage evolution equation is deduced by cross board model established by author by the method of chemical kinetics ( pwp equation ) . the hydro - chemical damage evolution of a fracture is defined by the variation of board geometry dimension caused by chemical reaction , while a channel by the cros s pipe of the board
    水化损伤的演化可用交叉板模型:裂纹面用矩(碟)形板模型表示,裂纹交汇线用溶管线模型表示,可用化学动力学的方法( pwp方程)推导出腐蚀损伤岩体中水化损伤的演化方程。
  15. The results of the limited element analysis and experiment study confirms that both the resisting ended batten and using angle batten in place of plate one could make the laterally stiffness of such member more strong . that maybe provides somewhat practical benefits for designing the twin - wall truss
  16. By comparing the values of the traditional rolling force model and the prediction model by cmac with the measured ones , the precision of the prediction model by the fuzzy cmac is much better than that of the traditional rolling force model and is more suitable for online use of a multi - roll cold tandem mill controlled by computer , which also meets manufacturing requirement of the field and receives better control effect of the shape and thickness
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