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  1. But is the first and immediate diagnosis always right
  2. True love never runs smooth
  3. It has been a twisted road that led to this place , but it is only a stepping stone
  4. The scope of protection from trademark infringement is limited to similar goods from competing , or foreseeable competing companies
  5. Is about the attempts by iranians to flee their own country , enacted by two documentary filmmakers following one such group of emigrants
  6. 一波三折造句挺难的,這是一个万能造句的方法
  7. The focalization person nick carraway is not only the narrator of the story but also an important character in the story , which shortens the distance between narrator sad story , and moreover , it has distinctive advantage of information control and feelings adjusting
  8. The reason of rising and falling different in each period . but the basic problems of politics , economy and culture always exist . of cause there are also a series of active factors that push forward the development of border trade
  9. However , the laws about cpas ' civil liability in securities market are n ' t explicit , so , the supreme court ' s treat to shareholders " civil claim was changeable , from not accepting to accepting , to the issuing of judicial interpretation about civil compensation caused by misrepresentation
  10. I would like to commend in the highest possible terms for their skill and professionalism . . . . . . the community owes them a debt of gratitude , and not least for the patience and their determined perseverance in the face of so many hindrances all these years , that have been put in their path . . . . . . " he particularly named brian carroll and danny lo in the commendation for displaying the highest order of dedication and professionalism in the course of the investigation
  11. As a vital non - government organization , the role and position of the chamber of commerce has attracted more and more attention and consideration . however , the development path of chinese chamber of commerce is curvous and meeting setback from time to time . so strengthening the study on the law institution of chamber of commerce has been a priority of the agenda
  12. Npc approved the 《 administration supervision law 》 issued in may 9 1997 after issuing 《 administration supervision discipline 》 in dec 1990 which is symbolized the forming to the new system of administration supervision in china the focus on the effect has been change gradually from the period of restart to the new age of enrichment and complement
    建国后,行政监察制度一波三折,历经了废除、重建阶段。继1990年12月国务院发布《行政监察条例》后,全国人民代表大会常务委员会于1997年5月9日通过颁布的《行政监察法》 ,标志着我国行政监察体制业已基本形成。
  13. However , studying chinese calligraphy should start with the official script is put forward , and the reasons is expounded from the following five different aspects : official script is relatively easy to study ; the construction of official script is typical ; and the obviously studying achievements are beneficial to improving one ' s interest and enforcing one ' s confidence , etc . meanwhile , by combining the teaching experience , three steps of studying official script , such as studying strokes , paying attention to construction of characters , and imitating the model of calligraphy is presented
    提出了初学书法应从隶书开始的观点,并从5个方面? ?隶书用笔相对楷书易学,隶书呈扁平结体和字距宽,行距窄的章法非常典型,隶书用笔中的一波三折对学习书法十分重要,学习隶书进退自如,习隶易见效有利于提高学习兴趣增强自信心? ?进行了较深入的论述;同时,结合作者多年从事书法教学的实践,提出隶书学习“先学笔划、次讲结构、再临碑帖”的教学安排。
  14. From the end of qing dynasty to 1994 , some parts of the right to a fair trial had been declared by law , but could n ' t be fulfilled . from 1994 to 1979 , people ' s right to a fair trial rose and fell frequently . since the reform and open , the right to a fair trial is improved by legislation and judiciary but there are still some deficiencies , fox example , the right of access to court being restricted , the judiciary being unfair , the right of the man who was indicted not being taken seriously

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