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  • e-ru エール
    (英国产的)淡色啤酒dànsè píjiǔ.


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  1. Good ale will make a cat speak .
  2. "as you please; but i'll have a draught of ale first. "
  3. Drink a glass of ale .
  4. The ale will fine .
  5. The flavor of a beer or ale is dependent on a number of factors .
  6. Feliks went to the bar and asked for a glass of ale and a cold sausage .
  7. The first act of colonel altamont was to bellow to grady for a pint of pale ale .
  8. The beadle bolted in haste his last mouthful of fat bacon, washed down the greasy morsel with the last rinsings of the pot of ale .
  9. The exported scotswoman, mrs. bickerton by name, ate heartly of one or two seasoned dishes, drank some sound old ale .
  10. He can ' t hold his ale . - i can ' t hold my ale

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