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  • préfecture
    f. 省,州;省(州)长职或任期;省城,州会;省(州)政府,公署
    省政府, 省会, 警察局



  1. La prefecture de Police. L'alarme a reveille le ministre de l'Interieur.
  2. Ashiya City, Hyogo Prefecture Harue Kitamura
  3. It was inaugurated in February 1979 and now heads a modern distance education system made up of CRTVU, 43 provincial, autonomous regional and municipal television universities, 654 branch schools at the prefecture and city level, 1,500 work stations at the county level and more than 10,000 teaching classes that cover rural and urban areas of China.
  4. While visits were also planned for Jinan in Shandong Province and Yining in the XUAR, the Special Rapporteur sincerely regrets that he had to cancel these visits owing to time constraints, and expresses his gratitude to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the respective leaderships of Shandong Province and Yining Autonomous Prefecture for accommodating these last-minute changes to the programme.
    原来还计划访问山东省济南和新疆维吾尔自治区伊宁,但由于时间有限,特别报告员不得不取消对上述地区的访问。 特别报告员对此深表歉意,并感谢外交部和山东省及伊宁自治州有关领导体谅对行程最后一刻的变更。
  5. Stone a été reassigné à une autre section c'est bien maintenant, c là bas enfin now ils peuvent passer à autre chose peut-etre voudriez vous expliquer à la prefecture de police ?
    斯通被安排去了新的组 Stone has been assigned to another team. 消息终于曝光也是好事 现在他们能往前看 It's good it's out there at last. Now they can move on.

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