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  • 数位化学习
  • e:    e. fortunei佩兰
  • aïe:    音标:[aj]interj. 哎唷! ...
  • butée:    音标:[byte]n.f. 拱墩,桥 ...


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  1. The Governing Council supported the proposal of SIAP to embark on the development of a long-term strategy for e-learning.
  2. Concept note on the e-learning programmes on the preparation of national communications from Parties not included in Annex I to the Convention
  3. The Council noted that the e-learning courses could provide a way to deliver trainings to entire national statistical systems, not only those in national statistical offices.
  4. It expressed full support for extending e-learning to other fundamental areas of statistics, which could serve as a resource base for training new statisticians in the region.
  5. Au niveau régional, évaluer les besoins en formation des pays, former les formateurs, et favoriser l ' utilisation du e-learning pour la formation en cours d ' emploi, constituent les principales activités.

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