zincite meaning

Pronunciation:   "zincite" in a sentence
Noun: zincite
  1. Native zinc oxide; a brittle, translucent mineral, of an orange-red colour

Derived forms: zincites

Encyclopedia: Zincite


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  1. More commonly, it occurs with willemite, calcite, and red zincite.
  2. It occurs with mooreite, willemite, fluorite, hydrozincite, pyrochroite, zincite and rhodochrosite at Sterling Hill, New Jersey.
  3. "' Zincite "'is the mineral form of zinc oxide ( dopants, and associated with willemite and franklinite.
  4. Sonolite has been found in association with calcite, chlorite, franklinite, galaxite, manganosite, pyrochroite, rhodochrosite, tephroite, willemite, and zincite.
  5. It is a rare secondary mineral formed by weathering of zinc-bearing slag, and is associated with native zinc, hydrocerussite, diaboleite, zincite and hydrozincite.

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