yeast meaning

[ ji:st ] Pronunciation:   "yeast" in a sentence
Noun: yeast  yeest
  1. A commercial leavening agent containing yeast cells; used to raise the dough in making bread and for fermenting beer or whiskey
    - barm 
  2. Any of various single-celled fungi that reproduce asexually by budding or division

Derived forms: yeasts

See also: yeasty

Type of: fungus, leaven, leavening

Part of: Endomycetales, order Endomycetales

Encyclopedia: Yeast

a : a yellowish surface froth or sediment that occurs esp. in saccharine liquids (as fruit juices) in which it promotes alcoholic fermentation, consists largely of cells of a fungus of the family Saccharomycetaceae, and is used esp. in the making of alcoholic liquors and as a leaven in baking
b : a commercial product containing yeast plants in a moist or dry medium
a : a minute fungus (esp. Saccharomyces cerevisiae) that is present and functionally active in yeast, usu. has little or no mycelium, and reproduces by budding
b : any of various similar fungi (esp. orders Endomycetales and Moniliales) — yeast·like adj


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  1. top yeasts are vigorous fermenters.
  2. the vacuoles of yeast cells represents persistent organelles.
  3. yeast is a ferment.
  4. wine yeasts can grow in sweet wines even after bottling.
  5. sometimes the yeast within a writer outlives a book he has written.

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