written matter meaning

  "written matter" in a sentence
  • Noun: written matter
    1. Matter to be printed; exclusive of graphical materials
      - copy

    Derived forms: written matters

    Type of: text, textual matter


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  1. The written matter on such a drawing comprised the literary matter, and the graphics the artistic matter.
  2. *Keep : However the written matter is very much from a personal view point, but there are few decent ideas.
  3. But after Friday, written matter-of-factly, in no way betraying the enormousness of it all, was one word : Olympics.
  4. The exception to this law refers to anyone who hawks, peddles, or sells newspapers, books, periodicals, pamphlets or other similar written matter.
  5. And to this day I have never gone before him, sent a representative before him, or placed any written matter before him pleading my case.

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