write meaning

[ rait ] Pronunciation:   "write" in a sentence
  • Verb: write (wrote,written)  rIt
    1. Produce a literary work
      "He wrote four novels"
      - compose, pen, indite [archaic] 
    2. Communicate or express by writing
      "Please write to me every week" 
    3. Have (one's written work) issued for publication
      "How many books did Georges Simenon write?"
      - publish 
    4. Communicate (with) in writing
      "Write to her soon, please!"
      - drop a line 
    5. Communicate by letter
      "He wrote that he would be coming soon" 
    6. Write music
      - compose 
    7. Mark or trace on a surface
      "The artist wrote Chinese characters on a big piece of white paper" 
    8. Record data on a computer
      - save 
    9. Write or name the letters that comprise the conventionally accepted form of (a word or part of a word)
      - spell 
    10. Create code, write a computer program
      "She writes code faster than anybody else"
      - code

    Sounds like: right, rite, wright

    Derived forms: writing, wrote, writes, written

    See also: write out, writer, writing

    Type of: communicate, correspond, create, create by mental act, create mentally, create verbally, delineate, describe, draw, intercommunicate, line, make, record, tape, trace

    Encyclopedia: Write Write, She Murdered

  • [Business]
    verb (wrote // written //)

    1 [+ obj or no obj]

    to produce a document, an article or a piece of software:

    We wrote a business plan for the new company.

    He writes about/on business and social issues.

    She writes for the 'Times'.

    to write code/applications/software/programmes

    applications written in Java

    2 [+ obj or no obj]

    to put a request or some information in a letter or an email and send it to sb:

    I am writing to inform you that your application has been accepted.

    I have written a memo to senior management.

    She sent them a letter of complaint but they didn't write back.

    3 [+ obj] write sth (out) (for sb) | write sb (out) sth

    to complete a cheque or other form with the necessary information:

    I wrote (out) a cheque for €100.

    He wrote me a receipt.

    4 (IT ) [+ obj] write sth to sth

    to transfer or copy information from a computer's memory to sth that stores it in a more permanent form:

    to write data to a disk/file

    WORTH adj.


    write sth back (Accounting ) (usually be written back)

    to include an item in a company's accounts that had deliberately not been included before, when calculating the company's profits:

    The customer made a definite promise to pay, so the debt could now be written back.


    write sth down


    to write sth on paper, especially in order to remember or record it:

    Write down all the specifications of your computer before phoning the help desk.

    2 (Accounting )

    to reduce the value of an asset in a company's accounts:

    The company will write down the value of its property assets by $414 million.

    The group was forced to write down securities holdings under new accounting laws.


    write sth off (often be written off)

    1 (Accounting )

    to reduce the value of an asset in a company's accounts over a period of time:

    Goodwill was written off over 5 years.

    The machinery was written off against profits

    (= the cost of the machinery was taken away from the profits, in order to pay less tax).


    2 (Accounting )

    to remove a debt from a company's accounts because the money cannot be collected; to remove an asset that has no value:

    The bank expects to write off bad loans

    (= loans made by the bank that were not paid back) of $8 billion.

    They had to write off their original $1.56 million investment in the company.

    3 (Insurance ) (BrE)

    to accept that sth is so badly damaged that it cannot be repaired:

    The car was written off.


    write sth up


    to record sth in writing in a full and complete form, often using notes that you made earlier:

    to write up the minutes of a meeting

    We plan to write up the results of the research in the 'American Journal of Physics'.


    2 (Accounting ) (AmE)

    to increase the value of an asset in a company's accounts or give it a value that is too high WRITE-UP OPP WRITE STH DOWN

  • [Economics]
    1) To cover an insurance risk, accepting liability, under an insurance contract as an underwriter.

    2) To sell a traded option.

  • [Electronics]
    1. In computer operations, to transfer data from one form of memory or storage to another form. Example: To transfer data in a computer from random-access memory (RAM) to the hard disk. Compare READ.
    2. To produce an image on the storage mesh in the cathode-ray tube of a storage oscilloscope.

  • [Finance]
    Sell an option. Applies to derivative products.


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  1. in writing, make the characters square and upright.
  2. lu xun writes with a leisurely pace.
  3. yes, dear, i will write to mother.
  4. he can write music that really swings.
  5. i must remember to write and thank her.

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