wrinkly meaning

Pronunciation:   "wrinkly" in a sentence
Adjective: wrinkly (wrinklier,wrinkliest)  ringk(u)lee
  1. Marked by wrinkles
    - wrinkled
Noun: wrinkly  ringk(u)lee
Usage: Brit, offensive (=old person)
  1. An elderly person
    - oldster [N. Amer], old person, senior citizen, golden ager

Derived forms: wrinklies, wrinklier, wrinkliest

See also: furrowed, rugged, unsmoothed

Type of: adult, grownup

Encyclopedia: Wrinkly

[British slang]
Noun. An elderly person. Cf. 'crinkly'.


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  1. he gazed with deep feeling at his mother 's wrinkly face.
  2. he thrust out his long arm and snatched his wrinkly vest from a chair.
  3. his wrinkly face goes down to his hardship during his life
  4. crease and wrinkly resistant finish
  5. crease wrinkly resistant finish

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