wittgensteinian meaning

Pronunciation:   "wittgensteinian" in a sentence
  • Adjective: Wittgensteinian
    1. In the manner of Ludwig Wittgenstein

    See also: Wittgenstein


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  1. Winch saw himself as an uncompromising Wittgensteinian.
  2. Other reactions to natural theology are those of Wittgensteinian philosophers of religion, most notably D . Z . Phillips.
  3. A traditional Wittgensteinian view of meaning held that each meaningful sentence was associated with a region in the space of possible worlds.
  4. He took Wittgensteinian philosophy into areas of ethics and religion, which Wittgenstein himself had relatively neglected, sometimes showing considerable originality.
  5. Later on, he concentrated on the philosophy of mind and consciousness, defending a strongly anti-reductionist and neo-Wittgensteinian view.

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