witter on meaning

  • [British slang]
    Verb. To talk incessantly and superficially. {Informal}
  • witter:    Verb: witterUsage: ...


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  1. "I just witter on about anything, " she says.
  2. What got Witter on their ballot was her dedication to the highest ideals of our democracy, her history of public service and a fire in her belly.
  3. The conflicting views from Morgan Stanley and Dean Witter on the fortunes of a major American company illustrate the uneasy coexistence often found between investment banking and investment research departments.
  4. Hurt by a continuing slide in its investment banking business, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter on Tuesday reported a 16 percent drop in its fiscal first-quarter earnings and forecast no quick rebound on Wall Street.
  5. "I dodged the bullet twice, " said Michael Lyons, a stock trader for Morgan Stanley Dean Witter on the 60th floor of the south tower, who was also at his desk in 1993 when a bomb exploded under the Trade Center.

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