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1. wind sth onwind on sth BrE if you wind on a tape on which sound or pictures are recorded, or a film in a camera, you make it move forward towards the end, by pressing a button:
I wound the tape on to the next song.
That photograph I took of you didn't come out - I must have forgotten to wind the film on.
SIMILAR TO: wind forward
OPPOSITE: wind back
2. wind on if a period of time winds on, it gradually passes:
It got colder and colder as the day wound on.
The months wound on and still we'd had no news of our son.


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  1. she goes like the wind on her new bicycle.
  2. most of the effects of wind on buildings, bridges, chimneys, and towers are damaging.
  3. he forgot the whole damned business of living with the evening wind on his forehead, and the encircling trees soothing his eyes.
  4. boys who felt the evening wind on their damp faces paused to enjoy the freshness of it and then found they were exhausted.
  5. there is a flagpole broken by wind on the building

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