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Noun: wild hyacinth
  1. Sometimes placed in genus Scilla
    - wood hyacinth, bluebell, harebell, Hyacinthoides nonscripta, Scilla nonscripta 
  2. Eastern camas; eastern and central North America
    - indigo squill, Camassia scilloides

Derived forms: wild hyacinths

Type of: camas, camash, camass, camosh, liliaceous plant, quamash

Part of: Camassia, genus Camassia, genus Hyacinthoides, genus Quamassia, Hyacinthoides, Quamassia

Encyclopedia: Wild hyacinth


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  1. Moe then spots a woman spectator holding a bottle of Wild Hyacinth and gets it from her.
  2. In fear, the Stooges substitute Curly, who possesses a tendency to get violent in reaction to the smell of Wild Hyacinth perfume.
  3. Adults feed on the nectar from various flowers, including Japanese honeysuckle, wild strawberry, blackberry, wild hyacinth, phlox, vervain and red clover.
  4. Among the best places on earth to see wild hyacinth macaws is the ranch of Lerin Facao de Arruda, deep in the Pantanal marshlands of southwestern Brazil.
  5. A similar idea would be used in Grips, Grunts and Groans when the smell of Wild Hyacinth would make Curly even able to beat up professional wrestlers.

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