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  • Noun: wild hop
    1. Bryony having fleshy roots pale green flowers and very small red berries; Europe; North Africa; western Asia
      - red bryony, Bryonia dioica

    Derived forms: wild hops

    Type of: briony, bryony

  • hop:    Verb: hop (hopped, ...
  • hop in:    [American slang]to ...
  • hop it:    Interjection: hop ...


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  1. Historically, wild hops grew on the banks of the creek near the community of Hop Bottom.
  2. His grounder to third took a wild hop, and David Bell could only knock it down with his glove.
  3. Prior to that much of the land was used for the growing of hops & mdash; wild hops may still be found growing on the Old Farm Avenue allotments.
  4. The Sapporo Beer Co .'s founder, Seibeu Nakagawa, returned from Germany a qualified brewer at about the time wild hops were discovered on the northern island of Hokkaido.
  5. Florida scored twice in the fourth to chase Nomo, taking advantage of a Todd Zeile error in which the third baseman made a brilliant fielding play but threw on a wild hop to first base.

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