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  • [Architecture]

    A system of framing a building of wood construction in which all studs are only one story in height; the floor joists for each story rest on the top plates, 2 of the story below, except for the first story, which rests on the groundsill. The bearing walls and partitions rest on the subfloor (i.e., on the rough floor that serves as a base for the finish floor). Same as platform framing; compare with balloon framing.


  1. But they do expand ideas on architecture beyond Western frames of reference.
  2. Huxley promoted Benoit's pioneering attempt to integrate Zen and other Eastern teachings into a Western frame of reference, and others followed suit.
  3. While Korea was being Westernized slowly in late 19th century, Korea had the idea of " Eastern ways and Western frames ( qgS��hV ) ", meaning that they would accept the Western " bowl ", but use it with Eastern principles inside.
  4. Dixon-Stowell continued, demands that viewers approach the material from the point of view of the culture under consideration in order " to understand the phenomenon also in the context of its Black origins, and not only in the context of the White, western frame of reference ."

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