week meaning

[ wi:k ] Pronunciation:   "week" in a sentence
Noun: week  week
  1. Any period of seven consecutive days
    "it rained for a week"
    - hebdomad 
  2. Hours or days of work in a calendar week
    "they worked a 40-hour week"
    - workweek [N. Amer], working week [Brit] 
  3. A period of seven consecutive days starting on Sunday
    - calendar week

Sounds like: weak

Derived forms: weeks

See also: weekly

Type of: period, period of time, time period, work time

Part of: calendar month, month

Encyclopedia: Week Week, Liturgical


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  1. there have been no transport for many weeks.
  2. the chairman adjourned the meeting for a week.
  3. he has gone for a week without sustenance.
  4. the docks were strikebound for a week.
  5. edward remained a week at the cottage.

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