weapon meaning

[ 'wepən ] Pronunciation:   "weapon" in a sentence
Noun: weapon  wepun
  1. Any instrument or instrumentality used in fighting or hunting
    "he was licensed to carry a weapon"
    - arm, weapon system 
  2. A means of persuading or arguing
    "he used all his conversational weapons"
    - artillery

Derived forms: weapons

See also: weaponize

Type of: instrument, persuasion, suasion

Part of: arms, implements of war, munition, weaponry, weapons system

Encyclopedia: Weapon


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  1. he decides to wield his pitiful weapon.
  2. without their weapons they were helpless.
  3. they demand the surrender of all weapons.
  4. he flourished the weapon in an attempt at bravado.
  5. she would help him get hold of a weapon.

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