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  • [Electronics]
    Interaction between two or more waves, resulting in reinforcements and cancellations of energy.

    wavelength Unit, meter. The displacement in one complete wave of an alternating or vibrating phenomenon, generally measured from crest to crest or from trough to trough of successive waves. For electromagnetic waves in free space, the wavelength in meters is equal to 3
    × 108 divided by the frequency in Hertz. Also see WAVELENGTHPERIOD-FREQUENCY RELATIONSHIPS.

    wavelength constant The imaginary-number component of the propagation constant.
    wavelength shifter 1. A frequency shifter whose performance is indicated in units of wavelength, rather than in units of frequency. 2. In certain photosensitive cells and tubes, a photofluorescent substance that raises the efficiency of the device by absorbing photons and then releasing ones of longer wavelength.
    wave mechanics A theory of matter that views subatomic particles as complex wave patterns, and attempts to account for all physical processes in terms of wave phenomena.
    wavemeter An instrument for measuring the wavelength or frequency of radio waves. One form consists of a series-resonant circuit containing an inductor, variable capacitor, and diode-type meter. The dial of the capacitor is calibrated to read in MHz. The inductor picks up energy from the radio-frequency source of unknown frequency, the capacitor is tuned for peak deflection of the meter, and the unknown frequency is read from the dial. This instrument is often called an absorption wavemeterbecause it absorbs a certain amount of power from the signal source under test. See also CAVITY WAVEMETER, COAXIAL WAVEMETER, LECHER WIRES, and SLOTTED LINE.
    wave motion Undulating motion (e.g., up and down, and side to side). An electromagnetic wave has undulating electric and magnetic components that are both in phase and perpendicular to each other and to the direction of propagation of the wave.
    wave normal 1. The direction of propagation of an electromagnetic wave. 2. A unit vector directed at
    a right angle to both the electric and magnetic lines of flux in an electromagnetic wave.


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  1. look, we have to use wave interference, okay
  2. two-wave interference for one-dimensional nonlinear pulse waves
  3. we have to use wave interference, ok
  4. continuous wave interference
  5. The resulting wave interference pattern is the basis of diffraction analysis.

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