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  • [Architecture]

    Of a sound wave, a continuous, imaginary surface which is the locus of points having the same phase at a given instant.

  • [Electronics]
    For a radio wave, the plane that is parallel to the perpendicular electric and magnetic lines of flux. The wave propagates at right angles to this plane.

  • [Medicine]
    n : a surface composed at any instant of all the points just reached by a vibrational disturbance in its propagation through a medium
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  1. such wave fronts are separated from one another by one-half wavelength.
  2. at each interface the spreading wave front is made discontinuous.
  3. successive wave fronts in this case form a series of concentric spheres.
  4. it starts with zero and grows to a maximum slightly behind the wave front.
  5. successive positions of the wave front are then given by the envelopes of the secondary waves.

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