wail meaning

[ weil ] Pronunciation:   "wail" in a sentence
Verb: wail  weyl
  1. Emit long loud cries
    "wail in self-pity"
    - howl, ululate, roar, yawl, yaup 
  2. Cry weakly or softly
    "she wailed with pain"
    - whimper, mewl, pule
Noun: wail  weyl
  1. A cry of sorrow and grief
    - lament, lamentation, plaint

Sounds like: whale, wale

Derived forms: wailed, wails, wailing

See also: wailer, wailing

Type of: call, complaint, cry, holler, hollo [non-standard], scream, shout, shout out, squall, weep, yell

Encyclopedia: Wail

[American slang]
in. to be great.
• Things really started to wail about midnight when the band really got going.
• This pizza really wails.


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  1. the child burst into loud wails.
  2. she uttered a wail of grief.
  3. fellow citizens, above your national, tumultuous joy, i hear the mournful wail of millions!
  4. newborn babies begin their life with a wail
  5. a long plaintive wail emanated from the cardboard box

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