wagon tire meaning

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  • Noun: wagon tire
    Usage: N. Amer
    1. A metal hoop forming the tread of a wheel

    Derived forms: wagon tires

    Type of: tire [N. Amer], tyre [Brit]

    Part of: cartwheel, wagon wheel


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  1. Wagontire Mountain was named for the fact passersby reported seeing an old wagon tire left upon the mountain.
  2. A close friend, William Reynolds, unloaded an old iron wagon tire he had found on the trail.
  3. The train continued to Wagontire Mountain, a name it later received when early settlers found a wagon tire there.
  4. At the time of the incident of the finding of the wagon tire by the railroad people the Reynolds family as well as the Winter's family were stirred with emotion.
  5. Later a monument was built with the wagon tire still there as part of the marker with REBECCA WINTERS, the well-chiseled letters made by William Fletcher Reynolds, as plain as ever.

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