wagnerism meaning

Pronunciation:   "wagnerism" in a sentence
  • or Wagneˈrianism noun
      The artistic theory of Richard Wagner, its main object being the freeing of opera from traditional and conventional forms, and its only concern being the overall dramatic effect of the music


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  1. But in the era of post-Wagnerism, Verdi was dismissed for decades.
  2. Wagnerism is a nearly Puritan manifestation, requiring devotion, study and even self-abnegation.
  3. Yet not only has A Contemporary Theater done it, they've also commented on Wagner and Wagnerism.
  4. The more conservative critics complained about " Wagnerism " and the subordination of the voice to the noise of the orchestra.
  5. Four large windows in the low foyer serve as a testimony to the influence of Wagnerism in Catalan culture at the beginning of the 20th century.

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