wagnerianism meaning

  • or Wagneˈrianism noun
      The artistic theory of Richard Wagner, its main object being the freeing of opera from traditional and conventional forms, and its only concern being the overall dramatic effect of the music


  1. Tolstoy's was the anti-Wagnerianism of the truly religious, expressed at a time when Wagner was taken seriously as a religious thinker.
  2. Stravinsky's was the anti-Wagnerianism of the purely esthetic, expressed at a time when artists were in revolt against adulteration of their product, especially if adulteration came by way of social or humane concerns.
  3. Stravinsky's anti-Wagner problem was different . ( In anti-Semitism he could easily vie for honors with his bete noire, although nothing prevented either of them from having Jewish friends or attracting Jewish advocates like Maestro Thomas . ) Like any composer's anti-Wagnerianism, Stravinsky's was not only political but also personal, and it crystallized a little _ albeit very little _ before World War I.

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