wagnerian meaning

Pronunciation:   "wagnerian" in a sentence
  • Adjective: Wagnerian  vaag'neeureeun
    1. Of or relating to Richard Wagner or his music
    Noun: Wagnerian  vaag'neeureeun
    1. A follower of the theories or an admirer of the music of Richard Wagner

    Derived forms: Wagnerians

    See also: Wagner

    Type of: follower

    Encyclopedia: Wagnerian


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  1. what price the wagnerian wind that rustled hitler's twisted leaves
  2. The spectacle was as grandiose as any in a Wagnerian opera.
  3. Jerusalem has its biblical roots; Bayreuth has its Wagnerian manifestoes.
  4. Bernard Herrmann's score is appropriately Wagnerian, heavily chromatic.
  5. Second lady, gasping : " How Wagnerian !"

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