visibility meaning

[ ˌvizi'biliti ] Pronunciation:   "visibility" in a sentence
Noun: visibility  `vizu'bilitee
  1. Quality or fact or degree of being visible; perceptible by the eye or obvious to the eye
    "low visibility caused by fog"
    - visibleness 
  2. Degree of exposure to public notice
    "that candidate does not have sufficient visibility to win an election"
    - profile 
  3. Capability of providing a clear unobstructed view
    "a windscreen with good visibility"

Derived forms: visibilities

See also: visible

Type of: clarity, clearness, perceptibility, salience, saliency, strikingness, uncloudedness

Antonym: invisibility

Encyclopedia: Visibility


The quality or state of being perceivable by the eye.


The distance at which an object out-of-doors can be just perceived by the eye.


The size of a standard test object, observed under standardized viewing conditions, which has the same threshold as the given object.

noun [U]


how easily sth/sb is seen or noticed by the public:

The advertisements were intended to increase the company's visibility in the marketplace.

2 (Accounting )

the fact that it is possible to see the activities and the financial state of a company from its accounts

3 (Accounting )

the ability to see what will happen to a company, the price of shares, etc. in the future:

We have obtained business on long-term contracts, which provides good visibility.

The division has to cut costs because of the poor visibility of sales

(= sales are likely to be poor in the future) and the difficulty of competing in the mobile phone market.

The extent to which future projections are probable.

n pl -ties
1 : the quality or state of being visible
2 : a measure of the ability of radiant energy to evoke visual sensation


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  1. visibility was down to 100 meters in the fog.
  2. visibility was perfect.
  3. the visibility of the lunar formations depends on their illumination by the sun.
  4. to improve the visibility of the crack patterns, the structural members were often coated with whitewash.
  5. throughout 1972, the president and haldeman missed few opportunities to reduce my visibility.

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