vectograph meaning

Pronunciation:   "vectograph" in a sentence
  • noun
      A picture giving a three-dimensional effect when looked at through special spectacles

  • [Electronics]
    A graphic three-dimensional representation of a scene composed of superimposed images photographed through polarizing filters of different orientation, and reconstructed by a similar viewing technique.


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  1. vectograph method of stereoscopic viewing
  2. Instructional use was made of projected vectograph slides illustrating three-dimensional coordinate systems.
  3. Credit for the concept of the vectograph is due to Joseph Mahler, cousin of famed composer and conductor Gustav Mahler.
  4. Color vectograph printing service for digital image files was offered to the public, but it was expensive and little-used.
  5. An elementary vectograph is a polarizing filter sheet that encodes a photographic image as areas which polarize light more or less strongly, corresponding to the darker and lighter areas of the image.

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