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Noun: uprightness
  1. The property of being upright in posture
    - erectness 
  2. Position at right angles to the horizon
    - verticality, verticalness, erectness 
  3. Righteousness as a consequence of being honourable and honest
    - rectitude

Derived forms: uprightnesses

See also: upright

Type of: position, righteousness, spatial relation, stance


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  1. simplicity is an uprightness of soul that has no reference to self; it is different from sincerity, and it is a still higher virtue.
  2. polarization : line polarization level or uprightness
  3. let integrity and uprightness distinguish all thine acts
  4. let integrity and uprightness distinguish all thine acts
  5. somebody said, " shen cheng is a man of absolute uprightness.

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