unnecessarily meaning

[ ʌn'nesisərili ] Pronunciation:   "unnecessarily" in a sentence
Adverb: unnecessarily  `ún`nesu'serulee
  1. In an unnecessary manner
    "they were unnecessarily rude" 
  2. Without any necessity
    "this marathon would exhaust him unnecessarily"

See also: unnecessary

Antonym: necessarily


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  1. your highness is taking offence very unnecessarily.
  2. all you're doing is worrying your mother unnecessarily.
  3. the waiters were unnecessarily rude, but none of the customers would kick up a fuss about it.
  4. visual instruments are designed with this in mind so that the eye need not strain unnecessarily.
  5. a plan may contribute to the attainment of objectives, but at too high or unnecessarily high costs.

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