unnaturally meaning

Pronunciation:   "unnaturally" in a sentence
  • Adverb: unnaturally  ún'nachurulee
    1. In an unnatural way
      "his other arm lay across his chest, unnaturally, as if placed there deliberately, for a purpose" 
    2. Not according to nature; not by natural means
      - artificially, by artificial means 
    3. In a manner at variance with what is natural or normal
      "The early Church not unnaturally adopted the position that failure to see the messianic character of his work was really caused by the people's own blindness"

    See also: unnatural

    Antonym: naturally


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  1. to the doctor she seemed unnaturally composed.
  2. her attitude at this sentimental crisis seemed to him unnaturally passive.
  3. however diligently wilson practised, the slang phrase sounded unnaturally on his lips.
  4. the child was small for his age, and unnaturally pale
  5. he had expected, not unnaturally, that she would be there to meet him

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