unitize meaning

Pronunciation:   "unitize" in a sentence
Verb: unitize
  1. Divide (bulk material) and process as units
    - unitise [Brit] 
  2. Make into a unit
    "unitize a car body"
    - unitise [Brit] 
  3. Separate or classify into units
    "The hospital was unitized for efficiency"
    - unitise [Brit]

Derived forms: unitizes, unitizing, unitized

See also: unit, unitization

Type of: aggregate, assort, carve up, class, classify, combine, dissever, divide, separate, sort, sort out, split, split up

verb [+ obj] (usually be unitized)

1 (Technical )

to divide sth into separate parts:

to unitize data

a unitized project


to form a number of things into a single unit, especially for transport:

A well-prepared unitized load will make transportation easier.

3 (Finance ) (BrE)

to change an investment trust into a unit trust


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  1. installation of the unitized curtain wall system on site
  2. pulps-determination of saleable mass in lots-unitized bales
  3. unitized regenerative fuel cells
  4. pulps . determination of seleable mass in lots . part 3 : unitized bales
  5. unitized cargo handling system

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