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  1. unit of trading
  2. In a paper on the subject released earlier this month, Armstrong wrote that calculations aren't valid because they measure " only the amount of currency movement, not units of trade.
  3. The 2008 NZ ETS created a new emission unit, the New Zealand Unit ( NZU ), which the Ministry for the Environment described as being the'primary domestic unit of trade '.
  4. Ottoman rule was soon restored and up to the 1860s, Homs was large enough to form a discrete economic unit of trade and processing of agricultural products from its satellite villages and the neighboring Bedouin tribes.
  5. :: : : : : Pork belly has the answer, although they were delisted for trading on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange : " The unit of trading was 20 short tons ( 40, 000 lb or 18, 000 kg ) of frozen, trimmed bellies.

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