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Noun: unit character  'yoonit 'kariktu(r)
  1. (genetics) a character inherited on an all-or-none basis and dependent on the presence of a single gene

Derived forms: unit characters

Type of: character

n : a natural character inherited on an all-or-none basis; esp : one dependent on the presence or absence of a single gene


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  1. study on microstructure unit character and its swell-shrink property for physico-chemical soft rock
  2. Unit Character Codes typically consisted of one Eastern District Army.
  3. For example, the 116th Division was assigned as its Unit Character Code.
  4. Officially named the, the unit was assigned the code name Manshk 731 . was the Unit Character Code assigned to some units of the Kwantung Army.
  5. *Rebecca Hendrix-( 32826 )-merge to List of Law & Order : Special Victims Unit characters-closed 04 : 43, 8 April 2009 ( UTC)

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