undertaking meaning

[ ˌʌndə'teikiŋ ] Pronunciation:   "undertaking" in a sentence
Noun: undertaking  `úndur'teyking
  1. Any piece of work that is undertaken or attempted
    "he prepared for great undertakings"
    - project, task, labor [US], labour [Brit, Cdn] 
  2. The trade of a funeral director
Verb: undertake (undertook,undertaken)  `úndur'teyk
  1. Enter upon an activity or enterprise
    - set about, attempt 
  2. Accept as a challenge
    - tackle, take on 
  3. Promise to do or accomplish
    - guarantee 
  4. Enter into a contractual arrangement
    - contract 
  5. Accept as a charge
    - take in charge

Derived forms: undertakings

Type of: accept, assure, confront, consent, craft, face, face up, go for, initiate, pioneer, promise, trade, work

Encyclopedia: Undertaking

AmE / noun


1 [C]

a task or project, especially one that is important and/or difficult:

To build a website to handle their worldwide sales was no small undertaking.

an enormous/a considerable/huge/major/massive undertaking

2 [C]

a business:

Why do they keep pouring money into a failing commercial undertaking?

3 [C,U]

an agreement or a promise to do sth:

The company gave a written undertaking to compensate customers if there were serious delays.

❖ to renege on/break/give/honour an undertaking

n. 1. A promise, especially in legal proceedings, that creates an obligation. A solicitor who breaks such a promise will be in breach of disciplinary rules.
2. A business, such as a company, partnership, or sole trader. Article 81 of the Treaty of Rome applies to agreements between undertakings. EU case law has established that some state bodies of a trading nature, as well as charities and trade associations, may under certain circumstances be classed as undertakings.

Activities associated with the physical burial of the dead. It excludes cultural practices such as funeral rites.


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  1. he made no attempt to carry out his undertaking.
  2. he lent his name to the undertaking.
  3. the prime minister had obtained the royal undertaking.
  4. if you will undertake the affair, i shall be very grateful.
  5. two couples undertake a leisure activity together.

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