ultrasound meaning

[ 'ʌltrəˌsaund ] Pronunciation:   "ultrasound" in a sentence
Noun: ultrasound  `últru'sawnd
  1. Very high frequency sound; used in ultrasonography 
  2. Using the reflections of high-frequency sound waves to construct an image of a body organ (a sonogram); commonly used to observe foetal growth or study bodily organs
    - sonography, ultrasonography, echography

Derived forms: ultrasounds

See also: ultrasonic

Type of: imaging, prenatal diagnosis, sound, tomography

Encyclopedia: Ultrasound


Acoustic oscillations having a frequency above the high-frequency limit of audible sound, i.e., above 20,000 Hz.

1. Acoustic disturbances at frequencies above 20 kHz.

1 : vibrations of the same physical nature as sound but with frequencies above the range of human hearing —compare INFRASOUND
2 : the diagnostic or therapeutic use of ultrasound and esp. a noninvasive technique involving the formation of a two-dimensional image used for the examination and measurement of internal body structures and the detection of bodily abnormalities —called also echography, sonography, ultrasonography
3 : a diagnostic examination using ultrasound
adj : of, relating to, performed by, using, or specializing in ultrasound ‹an ultrasound technician› ‹ultrasound imaging›


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