tweeked meaning

Pronunciation:   "tweeked" in a sentence
[American slang]
mod. alcohol intoxicated. (Collegiate.)
• They're not really bombed— just tweeked a little.
• Fred was too tweeked to stand up.


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  1. "I think it scared them that I tweeked it, " said Willard.
  2. Eminem also made a remix, in 2003, aimed at Ja Rule and tweeked the beat to sound high pitched.
  3. Her ballgowns were tweeked as well : her wrapped satin skirts had slouchy pockets and were worn with clubby, embroidered T-shirts.
  4. The article does not need to be " renamed ", however the article name should be " tweeked " so that " Jones " is capitalized, and " Professional Speaker " is in parenthesis.
  5. In 1998 they station was bought by Jacor Media where they tweeked the format ( a bit more hard rock ) and they inked a deal with syndicated morning show The Bob and Tom Show where it airs to this day.

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