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    The volume of air contained in the lungs at the end of a maximal inspiration. It is the equivalent to each of the following sums: VITAL CAPACITY plus RESIDUAL VOLUME; INSPIRATORY CAPACITY plus FUNCTIONAL RESIDUAL CAPACITY; TIDAL VOLUME plus INSPIRATORY RESERVE VOLUME plus functional residual capacity; or tidal volume plus inspiratory reserve volume plus EXPIRATORY RESERVE VOLUME plus residual volume.


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  1. total lung capacity, tlc
  2. Total lung capacity also increases, largely as a result of increased functional residual capacity.
  3. The values for residual volume and total lung capacity are generally decreased in restrictive lung disease.
  4. One definition requires a total lung capacity which is 80 % or less of the expected value.
  5. More rarely, forced expiratory flow may be given at intervals defined by how much remains of total lung capacity.

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