total liquid ventilation meaning

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  • [Medicine]
    Artificial respiration (RESPIRATION,ARTIFICIAL) using an oxygenated fluid.


  1. All uses of liquid breathing for diving must involve total liquid ventilation ( see above ).
  2. In order to explore drug delivery techniques that would be useful for both partial and total liquid ventilation, more recent studies have focused on PFC drug delivery using a nanocrystal suspension.
  3. This mode of liquid ventilation currently seems technologically more feasible than total liquid ventilation, because PLV could utilise technology currently in place in many neonatal intensive-care units ( NICU ) worldwide.
  4. A "'liquid ventilator "'is similar to a medical ventilator except that it should be able to ensure reliable total liquid ventilation with a breatheable liquid ( a perfluorocarbon ).
  5. Total liquid ventilation, however, has difficulty moving enough liquid to carry away CO 2, because no matter how great the total pressure is, the amount of partial CO 2 gas pressure available to dissolve CO 2 into the breathing liquid can never be much more than the pressure at which CO 2 exists in the blood ( about 40 mm of mercury ( Torr ) ).

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